Divorce Without Warfare

Divorce Without Warfare  

Is your marriage ending and you two want to avoid the damaging effects of the usual litigated divorce?
“I help people transform divorce from an ending into a beginning.”

How can I help you ?

I’ve spent the last ten plus years helping people create positive separate post-divorce lives by working together.

As an attorney, I have chosen to work only with couples who are willing and able to work together to reach agreements that meet each other’s needs following the ending of their marriage, to the extent they can be anticipated .  I do that by working within the Collaborative Practice approach when each person is better served by his/her own attorney dedicated to that same goal.  This approach minimizes the tension and thus the destruction of the divorce process by, among other things, a clear written commitment from everyone that they will not go to court.  We will all work together to get you and your spouse from your life together to your separate lives.  You can learn more about that approach at the Resources TabI no longer do ‘litigation’ in connection with divorce.

On occasion I work as a Mediator for a couple.  You need to understand that as a Mediator I will NOT be your lawyer OR your spouse’s lawyer.  In fact, I am prohibited from giving you legal advice at all.  My work would be in helping you two to share and hear your needs and concerns about your post-divorce futures and your various thoughts on how to meet those needs.  The final documents for court would have to be prepared either by you two or by one or two attorneys.

I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Coach.  As such I am available – instead of, not as part of being anyone’s lawyer – to work with either or both of you to help facilitate your discussions about your marriage and/or its conclusion.


Resolving Disputes Respectfully